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Product Description

10KW Medium Energy Storage Power Supply Specification

Ⅰ Product description

Large energy storage power supply, with lithium battery as the core and power frequency inverter technology, can be used to make super high power energy storage power supply, which can meet almost all the usage scenarios. The product adopts the brand-new metal case design, the internal drawer type card slot, facilitates the user to select the battery quantity according to the demand for the quantity of electricity. The product supports online switching, grid-connected charging and discharging, off-grid independent inverters, and solar and wind power charging. At the same time, it is equipped with LED LCD to monitor the real-time status of input and output. The super capacity, the super output power, and the super strong waiting life bring you a new experience of energy storage power supply.

ⅡProduct pictures

Introduction and usage of panel function

Front panel description

Directions for use:

A. Ac output: turn on the AC output switch on the front panel, AC display, AC output indicator light, electricity indicator light (0 ~ 100), if the electricity is low, it is recommended to charge the power supply before use), Insert the power cord of the equipment into the AC output base of this product, open the equipment and use it. When the product is used as a UPS, plug the AC input cable of the product delivery into the home AC socket, and insert another product header into the product AC input interface. Then the power line of the equipment is connected to the AC output bus of the product, at this time, the AC power supplies the equipment and recharges the inner battery pack. When charging, the charge indicator of the front panel shows red, full of green, the AC output switch of the product can be used as UPS, and the power indicator light of the front panel is green. When a power outage occurs, it automatically switches to a battery inside the product to power the load. When used as a UPS, the total power of the device should not exceed the maximum output power of the machine itself. The maximum output power of the machine itself is 10 kW. If the load running power exceeds 10 KW, the power can not be output in the protection state. Remove the excess load, restart the power can be used normally.

B. Solar or wind charging: the output plug of the solar panel or wind generator is inserted into the corresponding solar wind energy charging interface on the power supply, if the solar panel or wind generator works normally, The solar or wind power panel on the front panel of the power supply lights up, monitoring the real-time charging status. When connected to solar panels or wind turbines, note that the positive and negative poles cannot be connected, and the positive and negative electrodes corresponding to the interface (left positive and right negative) should not be charged otherwise. When charged normally, the corresponding charge indicator shows red and green when full.

Product electrical parameters

Working principle diagram

Working principle diagram

In the case of normal electricity, from the power supply to the equipment, at the same time charge the product.

During a sudden power outage, the internal lithium battery automatically switches the cost of the product to power the equipment.

Ⅶ Stand-by time

VII packing list

Neutral corrugated box with pearl cotton packing


A. This product contains a lithium battery ,please keep away from fire,if not use special treatment,do not arbitrarily discard.

B. Do not use this product in a humid environment or in water.Pay  attention to moisture protection and use in a dry and ventilated environment.Please handle it gently,and do not drop,beat or violently dismantle it.

C. If any smoke,fire,or other abnormal phenomena occur during use of the machine ,immediately stop using it and take related firefighting measures to prevent explosion.

D. When using the product for the first time,please refer to the product instruction manual.Please turn on the power ,turn on the corresponding switch,and instruct the panel to light up to confirm that there is output before use.

E. When using it outdoors,turn off the switches and turn them on when they are needed.Otherwise,the battery will be automatically consumed.

F. When this product is not in use ,please take out it once every three months or so to ensure the battery life.

Suitable scope: telecom installation and maintenance optimization; military information company; geographic mapping task force; mine oil prospectors; architectural design survey; water conservancy inspection; forestry and agriculture wild resources inspection; advertising media outdoor shooting; Aircraft field wireless communication

It should be used in civil scenes, such as no electricity in mountainous area, pastoral area, field investigation, travel leisure, or in the car, ship, can be used as DC, AC power supply. It can be illuminated and other loads can be used, the structure is small, easy to carry and reliable in use. Can also be used in emergency rescue, emergency power, backup power and other use scenarios.

Ⅹ Product display