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Product Description

ES-1500 Storage Power Supply SPEC

. Product description

Large capacity, overpower output power, built-in large-capacity lithium battery online type UPS storage power product ES-1500. This product adopts high frequency circuit design, which has the advantages of small volume, light weight and high conversion efficiency. Discard the disadvantages of traditional UPS power supply, low conversion efficiency and inconvenient movement. It can be used as an online type UPS power supply and can be used as an outdoor emergency standby power supply. The product has a built-in lithium battery, with a total capacity of 1500 ~ 2000wh / 12V 135 ~ 180 Ah. It can provide you with an endless supply of electricity. This product provides both AC and DC output. In the case of power failure, and ensure that the computer data is not lost, the office desktop computer can be continuously powered for more than 15 to 20 hours. The unique 4 USB output ports, the output current as high as 5A, satisfying the charging and power supply requirements of most digital products.

Unique 4 24V DC output ports, maximum output current as high as 5A.4 24V DC output ports and 2 universal AC outlets can satisfy indoor medical equipment, small printer, all sorts of lamps and lanterns, small fish tank heater, notebooks and outdoor camping, photography, fire emergency, disaster relief and so on occasions the need to provide lighting and the AC power supplies. This product also has solar power charging port, can connect solar cell to charge the product. The leading circuit design, the power device all adopt the original import. Advanced SMT and wave soldering manufacturing process, computerized monitoring management of process, ensure high reliability and stability of products.

. Product picture

Ⅲ.Introduction and usage description of panel function

Front panel description

When using the dc output function, please turn on the corresponding DC switch, and the dc output indicator light will be on, and the DC 24V and 5V output can be used at this time. When not in use for a long time, please turn off the switch, so as not to consume electricity. The LED screen displays the remaining power of the power (0 ~ 100). When using the LED lamp, please turn on the corresponding switch.

Back panel description

As shown in the figure, when the product is used as a UPS, please insert the AC input line plug into the home AC socket, and the other one is inserted into the product's AC input interface. The electrical appliances’ power cord will be connected to the AC universal socket, which will be supplied by the AC mains electricity and charged to the internal battery pack. The charging indicator of the front panel of the charging panel shows red, full of green. The product can be used as a UPS by turning on the AC output switch of the product, and at this time the front panel's power indicator is green. When a sudden power failure, the automatic switch to a product internal battery for load power. When used as a UPS, please do not exceed the maximum output power of the machine. The maximum output power of the machine itself is 1500W. If the load power exceeds 1500W, the power supply will go to the protection state and cannot be exported. Remove the excess load and restart the power supply. When overpower is used, it can cause the fuse of the machine to fuse and replace a 10A with normal use.

When taking out outdoor use, please turn off the switches and open them when needed. Otherwise, the battery will be automatically consumed.

Solar power description: as shown in the solar interface, the solar specification is 36V, 500W~800W is appropriate. When connecting to the solar panel, notice that the positive negative terminal cannot be connected to the opposite side, and the positive and negative terminal of the interface should be corresponding to the anode (left and right negative), otherwise it cannot be charged. When the solar panel is properly charged, the charging indicator is red and green when filled.

Ⅳ. Product electrical parameters

. Working principle diagram

In the normal condition of the power grid, the power grid will  supply electricity to equipment while charging the product.

During a sudden power outage, the internal lithium battery automatically switches the cost of the product to power the equipment.

Ⅵ.stand-by time

. packing list


 1.This product contains lithium battery, please stay away from the source of fire, if you do not use please do special treatment, do not arbitrarily discard.
2.Do not use this product in a humid environment or in water, pay attention to moisture, and use it in a dry and ventilated environment.
3.When using the product, please take it lightly, do not drop, beat or disassemble by force.
4. When abnormal phenomena such as smoke or fire are found in use, please stop using the machine immediately and take relevant fire extinguishing measures to avoid explosion.
5. When using this product, please turn on the product first and then turn on the corresponding switch.The LED indicator light up to confirm the output, then use it.
6.When using this product for the first time, please fully discharge the power, recharge it ,then use it.
7. When this product is unused, please charge every three months or so to ensure the battery life

Ⅸ. Product display