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Product Description

ES-600 Energy Storage Power Specification

ⅠProduct description

ES-600 standby power supply for our company a high-end fashion power supply products, using aluminum alloy shell material, light portable, stylish appearance, the core of the power type lithium battery, advanced manufacturing technology, power output energy, provide AC output, DC output two different voltage mode output, to meet the user electronic products charging, AC electricity, and other aspects of electricity demand. This product can be used as both UPS power supply and outdoor emergency backup power supply.

This product has built-in large capacity lithium battery, total capacity 639.36WH,172800mAh. Providing a steady stream of power for the load.  It is also widely used as a backup emergency power supply for indoors and outdoors.

220V (110V) AC output,12V/5V DC output, with LED lighting, with electricity display. Suitable for a variety of different equipment, such as drones, portable ventilators, medical devices, mobile phones, tablet computers, laptops, desktop computers, small printers, various lamps, small fish tanks, photographic equipment, electric scooters, etc. Great convenience for users to travel at home, outdoor work, camping picnics, mountaineering expeditions, etc.

Product advantages:

1.We develop and design circuits ourselves.  We purchase the raw materials ourselves.  We produce and process ourselves.  We conduct quality inspections ourselves.  Our own appearance patent.  Our own invention patent

2.Built-in charging function, built-in UPS function, built-in high-frequency inverter technology.

3.Buy portable lithium battery technology, greatly reducing the volume and weight of the product.

4.It adopts the technology of charging while using, which is convenient for users to use.

5.A variety of charging modes, mains electricity charging, solar charging, car charging three charging modes.

6.The shell is made of aluminum alloy and can be used even at high temperatures.

7.Using AC output at the same time, you can also use DC 12V,5V USB, LED lighting.

8.Electricity always shows the current data, low voltage with alarm warning, high temperature with overheating protection, over-loaded with power protection, input with power protection and after short circuit with protection.

9.All the products have been tested by the national certification body, and the quality is guaranteed.

Function Introduction and instructions for use

Front panel description

When using DC output function, please press the corresponding DC button, at this time can use DC 12V and 5V USB. When not in use, please turn off the button so as not to cause power consumption. The LED display screen shows the remaining power of the power supply,0~100%. When the power is insufficient, there will be alarm prompt, please charge in time for continued use. When using LED lighting, please turn on the corresponding button.

Rear panel description

A. When using the AC output, please turn on the AC switch first, confirm that the AC LED indicator on the panel is displayed as a green light, and then insert the electrical appliance into the AC output port. Do not use when turning on the AC output switch and the LED indicator on the panel is red.

B. When using the UPS function, please first insert the input AC line into the AC input socket, then insert the AC line into the mains electricity, the input indicator on the panel is green, and the charge indicator light is on, indicating that it can be used normally. When the AC button is turned on, the AC output indicator is green, and then the electrical appliance can be plugged into the AC output socket. Then you can use the UPS function.

C. When using solar power to charge the product, the voltage should not exceed 18V, more than will damage the machine, when the solar panel is connected to charge, the corresponding indicator light on the panel is bright, if not bright, please check not to connect back or the solar panel face the sun at the wrong angle (keep at 30 degrees angle).

D. When the electricity is charged to the product, the charging indicator light on the panel during the charging process is red and green when it is completely full, and when the electricity quantity is shown to be 100, the actual battery has more than 90% capacity and can be used. do not have to wait until the charging indicator lights are completely green.

E. When using a car-mounted cigarette lighter to charge the product, the indicator light corresponding to the solar charging port will be lit and can be used when the electricity quantity is shown to be 100. This product only supports charging on a 12V car.

F. When the power of the appliance exceeds the power that the product itself can carry, the machine enters the protective state, disconnects the load, and restarts the machine.

G. When the high temperature weather, the product in the process of use, may be overheated into the protection, please put the machine in a cool place to use.

Electrical parameters

detail specifications

tic diagram of internal PCB board

functional schematic:

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