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Attention to charging of power bank

To charge the mobile power, you must use the original charger, full power, the timely disconnection. Can not edge to the mobile phone charging side by mobile power to the phone or other digital products charge, will greatly affect the battery life. When charging the mobile power, it is not to carry out at night, because the power grid is not stable. Charging time should not be too long. When charging a digital device, it is necessary to pay attention to both safety specifications. When the output current of the mobile power is higher than the rated current input digital equipment, please do not use, may cause harm to the digital equipment; when the output current is lower than the rated input current, for example, now tablet input current at about 2000mA, if 800mA to charge it, always dissatisfied with the charge, because of the possibility of charging efficiency have yet to catch up with the consumption rate, even can be filled, must also be tablet computer shutdown. the mobile power and the device will be fever, not to the hot degree, this is a normal phenomenon. But can not move the power and equipment close together, for example, one hand holding, two heating equipment together, it is easy to cause damage. Do not charge in the package, the enclosed environment, coupled with the constant heat generation, it is easy to reduce equipment life, serious when the explosion may occur. When not use, please pull out the device or the output line, which can not only keep the power consumption of the mobile power, but also can avoid to the damage output port of the power.