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Travel Box

We know that mobile power owned by taking the fashion line, and the dream travel box mobile power in addition to fashion, is also very creative.

In fact, from the name of this mobile power we can associate with the suitcase, and the ream travel box mobile power the appearance of creative inspiration from the origin of the suitcase. If the volume is negligible,  the traveling box is commonly used in the suitcase is indistinguishable from the appearance. The mini after becoming the advantages of cute, The dream travel mobile power box has become more personality embodies, and multi-color to chose which is cater to the current preferences of young people.

In addition to very eye-catching appearance, the dream travel box mobile power supply and the most common 10000mAh capacity of the moment, Neither because the storage capacity is too small and not practical, nor be too much capacity to increase the burden on the carrying. Of course, The most worth mentioning is the support of mobile power supply output positive and negative double-sided plug gable, avoid often mistake the harm of mobile power supply. If consumers happen to use the positive and negative can also support the apple machine, the use of life will become more convenient.

In the mobile power homogeneity is very serious now, the Momax dream travel box mobile power can start from the appearance and details of mobile power than simply the pursuit of cost-effective, can attract more people.