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Mobile Power Maintenance Tips

Mobile power as a kind of mobile phone accessories, it is also a kind of digital products.Mobile power battery core is polymer or 18650, So our maintenance is also around the maintenance of batteries, to be specific:

1, To prevent water and moisture proof

Mobile power supply is composed of individual electronic components, so I need waterproof and moisture proof,Otherwise will affect the normal operation of the entire electrical appliances, so the mobile power must be waterproof and moisture proof.

2, Anti fall and anti-corrosion

As a common mobile power supply, falls put words is likely to shake its internal structure cause damage to the product, so treat mobile power is best handled with care. Anticorrosion main said is avoid mobile power supply in daily life run into salt water, alcohol and other chemical substances, otherwise it will cause corrosion of charging treasure.

3, Storage and use of the ambient temperature
The influence of environment temperature on the chemical reaction is to be reckoned with, and we charge treasure inside is by chemical reaction to provide the energy we need.Each mobile power will be marked on its instructions and storage temperature, we are in the maintenance of mobile power supply must be in accordance with the requirements of the specification, must not make the environment temperature is too high or too low.