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2017 AsiaWorld-Expo

SHENZHEN LANLIN TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD participated in AsiaWorld-Expo in HONGKONG from 18th,Oct to 21th,2017.

AsiaWorld-Expo is the biggest global sources eletronics center.During this time, we know that exhibition is a good place to get a good relationship with existing customers, and the exhibitors can express their gratitude to the customers by using the exhibition.

The exhibition is the best time and best place for the exhibitors to focus on the demonstration of products or services.Information on the use of products, prices and other aspects of the exhibition will help us to develop business in the near future and long-term planning expand the impact of the use of media companies to promote the use of the media is a rare opportunity for exhibitors.

We can consider launching a new product that can be investigated at the exhibition, to understand the customer's price, function, quality and service requirements. However, we would like to take this opportunity to enhance the new products with information feedback and advice of the customers.