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Solar Power Bank

Solar power bank have five functions,including waterproof, fireproof, anti dropping, anti-skid,  dustproof.When you outdoor travel, it can bring more durable sopport.

The solar power bank with flat and solid design. The appearance only 10mm, it looks very thin and small,which is easy to carry.The edge is made of PC and flame retardant materials,  Because of the exquisite workmanship it can display more perfect anti function.

Solar mobile power by the 5600mAh polymer lithium ion battery, with high power conversion efficiency, can bring to the users to support long-term endurance. Equipped with monocrystalline silicon solar panel on its surface can be fast conversion of light energy into electrical energy stored, users no longer missing little power and trouble.

The solar power bank designed for outdoor people,it has high technology and first leading level, the double USB smart converter makes travel fearless and it is a companion when you go out.